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Kinetic Awareness

was originated by the American intermedia-pionier, choreographer and filmmaker Elaine Summers and is now taught by a growing number of teachers around the globe.

Its goal and method are learning to listen to the signals and language of your individual body/mind through observation and guided movement experimentation. The preferred setting is 1-on-1 with a certified teacher, so that you can do this work with full focus and in-depth, but group classes and workshops are offered as well.

In the beginning, most of the movement is very slow and relaxed, focussing on one body-part at a time.
The work is done sitting or lieing comfortably on the ground for maximum ease.
Hollow rubber balls are used to help focussing on specific parts of the body and provide a self-directed and body-friendly massage. Deep relaxation, rebalancing of your energy, feeling amazingly light and flexible, increased speed and power of movement, alone and in a dialogue with others, are some of the extra benefits that you can get along the way. In later phases you can choose to work on coordination, dynamics, and interaction.

The work can be applied to just about any kinds of activity, such as: body & mindwork, wellness, fitness, dance, performance, martial arts, office work, education, crafts, creative work, physiotherapy and psychotherapy.

Moreover, Kinetic Awareness® is excellent training for injury-recovery and prevention,
because it innately teachers anatomy on a personal and very practical level.

logo KA Center

Since 1987 the Kinetic Awareness® Center offers a teacher-training program for interested students. Certified teachers who use this logo have successfully fulfilled all requirements of the program and will work according to the principles and standards of the Center.

This website focusses on classes and workshops given in the Netherlands.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Thomas Körtvélyessy by e-mail ( or telephone +31-6-27493972