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october 2020

new series of open classes
teacher Thomas Körtvélyessy. photo (c)2019 by Elie Nassar, used with kind permission
Thomas Körtvélyessy, photo ©2019 by Elie Nassar used with kind permission

come in,
relax, sense, move ...

every Wednesday 10.00-12.00h
Tangoschool Cuartito Azul, Schoterbosstraat 17, Rotterdam
studio open 30 min. before start

come in clothing that allows you to move easily, in all directions

always bring:
- two large blankets for yourself
- an extra warm sweater, socks, cover of the head, etc. 
- 1-2 pillows for yourself

why is this useful? click here for FAQ

single class 15 euro
5-class card 62,50 euro ( = 12,50 euro per class)   valid as long as classes are taught

registration in advance via e-mail
complete at receipt of the payment at IBAN NL62 ASNB 0942 8261 75 (Real Dance Company)
with re: "class KA" (plus date) or "5-class card"

invoice specifying the amount of VAT can be provided every quarter


until further notice, the class is available to a maximum of 4 people at a time.
wearing well-fitting masks
are mandatory before and after working on your own spot
  • bring two (2) masks, one to wear before, one after, two (2) sealable plastic bags to keep them separately.
  • following the Dutch Center for Disease Control (RIVM) ("contactberoepen") , the teacher will be always wearing a mask, at any time.
everyone will get to work with their own set of rubber balls.

please make sure that you carefully read and understand the following additional measures,
before you register: 

the studio has a ventilation system using outdoor-air.
participants arrange themselves out of each others' air-stream. the teacher may indicate such an arrangement, please follow as asked.

always keep a safe physical distance of at least 1,5m from each other.
- if you clearly express your consent in advance, the teacher -always
wearing a well-fitting mask- may come closer to you than this distance.
- you can always withdraw this permission at any time, effective immediately, no questions asked.

your contact-data will be recorded for possible Track & Tracing by municipal health services (GGD)
they will be stored in strict accordance with European and Dutch privacy regulations AVG/GDPR.
more information about how these are applied can be read here

it is vitally important that you only come if you haven't experienced any symptoms that could indicate a potential infection and development of COVID19, at least 24 hours in advance (especially coughing, sneezing, dizziness) and that you also have not been in contact with anyone who started experiencing them.

if you have to cancel for this reason, please
send a text-message or call 06-27493972 until 30min. in advance
our payment will remain valid until you will be fully well/safe again, or be returned to you, if you prefer.

if you are not certain, it's better that you stay home and come back in 2 weeks.
please consider that you may be asymptomatic and now could be highly infectious for others, who may have a compromised health or immune system, but still are able to participate in and benefit from the class.

by making your reservation & participating in person, you indicate that you have read, understood, and will follow these measures, at any time. if you have any questions, or want to be sure, please send an e-mail or call.

thank you for caring!

                                                                Damani Leidsman, Sindy Tejeda, Judith van der Made ©2013 all rights reserved.


why the blankets & extra clothing?

in the beginning we work very slowly and with minimal movements, lying, or sitting.
as a consequence, our bodies tend to cool down quickly, especially in fall/winter.
the blankets not only help you keep warm, but also give you a sense of privacy
which is very important and helpful for this kind of work.

why extra cushions?
cushions help you rest parts of your body in elevated positions, where a ball will more induce movement.
combinations of both are helpful as well.

can i bring balls of my own to work with?
yes, very much - do try them out & how they will work for you!
to get an idea what kinds of balls will be used during this class,
click here

can i do this work when i have an injury?

yes, and especially then: this work has been specifically developed for preventing and healing injuries.
during class you will comfortably work at your own pace, and directly with your own perception.
you can always pause, take a break, even stop - you decide!

even more, this work helps you find out concretely where and how you can move without or less pain.
as a result, it will boost your healing process.

feel free to contact the teacher in advance if you are not certain or if you have a specific case that you would like to discuss


Kinetic Awareness® can be a valuable complement to professional physiotherapy, ostheopathy, chiropractic treatment, etc. and various kinds of psychotherapy but is NOT a replacement for them, unless this is expressly indicated by the teacher, who then must have the necessary qualifications.

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there are several other formats for classes:

- the 4-class mini-series for a very brief first introduction
- the 10-class introduction course, examining one body-part at a time
- intensives where we examine a specific question or area

do you prefer to work on your specific situation more directly?
- the regular 1-on-1 private session gives you all the space and full attention for your own process

questions / interested?

would you like to organize a course in your home town?

call +31-6-27493972
or send an e-mail to

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