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Damani Leidsman, Sindy Tejeda, Judith van der Made ©2013 all rights reserved.

next to the regular 1-on-1 session, it is possible to practice Kinetic Awareness® in a group.

come in, lie down, relax, and ...

examine how your very own body can and wants to move:
neck, shoulders, lower back, thighs, knees, hips, lips, 

unless the group is advanced, the accent will generally be on slow movement and relaxation.
we will also study how hollow rubber balls of various sizes can help this exploration.
by placing them under the body part, they facilitate easy movement into all possible directions
and provide a self-directed, deep massage, for the benefit of the entire body.

then ...

we'll practice getting up :
breathing, rolling, sitting, standing, walking & falling, face, sounding and voice

there are several other formats for classes:

- the 4-class mini-series for a very brief first introduction
- the 10-class introduction course, examining one body-part at a time
- intensives where we examine a specific question or area

do you prefer to work on your specific situation more directly?
- the regular 1-on-1 private session gives you all the space and full attention for your own process

questions / interested?
would you like to organize a course in your home town?

call +31-6-27493972
or send an e-mail to

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