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complying to legislation by the European Union on the General Directive for Personal Registration, effective May 25, 2018, the following privacy regulations are being used:

this website is being maintained by
Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company, Nieuwe Binnenweg 288-C1, 3021 GS Rotterdam in the Netherlands. this company is legally responsible for maintaining your privacy as a visitor of this website.

these privacy regulations are only for visitors of this website.
if you are in communication with a teacher or organisation, the responsibility for a correct handling of your data is to them.


data which can be processed
if you choose to provide it, Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company will store and use the following data about you:

- your name / surname
- e-mail address
- telephone number
- in case of an invoice: all other data needed to comply to existing legislation

what is the goal for using these data

- communication for classes, workshops, etc.
- inform you about changes & updates
- if you sign up for it: a newsletter (can always be cancelled)

- Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company also will process and store data for financial administration and reporting, taxes. By Dutch law, these have to be kept for a minimum of 7 years.

how long will your data be kept?
name / surname                         > max. 2 years after last contact
e-mail address                           > max. 2 years after last contact
telephone number                      > max. 2 years after last contact
e-mail correspondence              > unlimited, for archiving, unless you request deletion
invoice-data                               > min. 7 years due to Dutch legislation


sharing your data
Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company will never share any of your data, unless

- after expressed consent by you or to fulfill agreements made with you
- by enforced compliance with legislation (e.g. by government authorities)

The company is expending much time so that we do not use commercial services such as Mailchimp, so that your data will never be put online or in an online cloud-server.

There is no direct connection of this website with social media profiles.


see / change / erase the data stored about you

you can always request to see / change / erase any or all data stored about you. please contact
your request will be granted within 1 working week


cookies, or comparable technology
this website and Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company only uses analytic cookies which will not compromise your privacy.

A cookie is a small text-file which is exchanged between the related computers at your first visit of this website, stored on your computer, tablet of smartphone. These cookies are technically necessary for your visit.

You can always block the exchange of cookies through your browser-options, and also erase cookies that your browser-software has already stored on your computer.

Because this website is not interactive,
blocking cookies will not reduce the functionality of this website.


no automated decision-making
Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company does not create
- any automated profiles

or make decisions based on automated processing of data,
e.g. through computerprogrammes or -systems, without human interference. ( = an administrator at Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company)

special or sensitive data
This website does not have the intention to collect data by visitors under 16 years of age.

All parent(s)/guardian(s) are advised to keep monitoring the online activity of minors in their custody, to prevent collection of data of children without their permission.

If you are sure that this company should have gathered data by a minor younger than 16 years, please contact so that this data can be deleted.


as part of the work-process,
every certified teacher of Kinetic Awareness®
is personally, ethically and legally responsible
for keeping all information you share during sessions

utmost confidential,
in the strictest sense.


securing your data

Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company is liable for taking the necessary steps to prevent abuse, loss, or unauthorized access or publication of your data, except where demanded by local governmental legislation.

- As long as it's (still) possible, we will NOT use commercial mailing-services such as Mailchimp etc.
- Your data will NOT be shared with any social-media representations of this company.


technical details
Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reŕl Dance Company
uses the following computerprograms and -systems:

- SeaMonkey (e-mails, browser, HTML-editor)
  All e-mails are sent using STARTTLS-encryption and received with TLS/SSL-encryption.

- ClamXav (virus-protection)

- Apple OS-X El Capitan version 10.11.6
  this is the highest possible grade for this OS-X that can be used on the processing laptop, an Apple MacBookPro mid-2009. updates of this OS are made by Apple Computers, automatically.

The technical hosting of this website is done by hosting2go, in Breda (NL)
This is their privacy statement following the Dutch implementation of this legislation (AVG)

All personal data shared by you is kept offline, and on one external hard-drive for back-ups, which is only then connected to the main computer.

Your telephone number is kept on a Samsung Galaxy, secured by Android-software.



If you have reason to believe that your data are not guarded securely or if you have proof of abuse, please contact

Dutch Authority for Personal Data
You have the option of filing a complaint to the Dutch Authority for Personal Data
They can be contacted here:

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